Welcome to GSC

Gateway Sports Connection will bring a variety of information to its readers. High School Basketball and Cardinal Baseball will be the focuses with a mix of Rams, Blues, Mizzou, and SLU. Feedback on what the readers would like to see more or less of is always welcome as well. I will try to provide as much in depth, stats based, factual information as possible, but will also have some posts that are purely opinionated. Hope you all will bear with me as I pursue this dream of writing, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Expect actual sports related posts to start within a week or two. The plan as of now is for the first few posts to be a Cardinal Spring Training preview as well as a MSHSAA District Basketball preview. Give GSC a follow on twitter @GSC_AJ and look for posts coming soon!

It’s not crazy, it’s sports.