It’s Miller Time for the Blues

Cup or Bust.

That’s what it now becomes for the St. Louis Blues. Doug Armstrong has added the last piece to the puzzle sending Chris StewartJaroslav Halak, a prospect, and two draft picks to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for Olympic goaltender Ryan Miller and veteran Steve Ott. The feeling I’m getting from fellow Blues fans is pure elation.

Halak has long spurred debate as to whether or not he could be the net minder that would take the Blues to the Stanley Cup. Due to health reasons we never got to find out, and Armstrong was tired of waiting. Only time will tell if Miller is that man, but the general consensus in the NHL community is yes. The overlooked piece of the deal is Steve Ott. Ott wore the captain C for the Sabres for years and should bring more veteran leadership to a relatively young Blues squad.
Buffalo Sabres v New York Islanders
Some fans may not be overly pleased that Chris Stewart was included in the deal, but it was a necessary move. Moving Stewart not only frees up cap space for Miller, but should bring more consistency. Stewart is still very young and talented, but aside from a hot streak here and there, never lived up to the potential Blues brass saw in him. The 26 year old winger didn’t always fit the bill as a two player, a trait that the Blues have built around. Long term Stewart may become a great player, but the Blues are looking to win now.
All the pieces are in place. Armstrong has built a team full of young and talented players, perfectly mixed with the veteran leadership any great team needs. Ryan Miller is the icing on the proverbial cake, the last piece of the puzzle. It is the Blues’ time to shine, time to bring Lord Stanley’s Cup to St. Louis. Time to get cup crazy!
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