Remembering Oscar Taveras: A Poem

Since the minute I heard the news that shook Cardinal nation last night, I wanted to write something to commemorate Oscar. However, I didn’t think it was right to write anything unless it was able to capture the emotion of it all, that wouldn’t be fair to him. I probably didn’t do that, because I’m certainly not a poet by any regards. This is the best I could do though, and I hope you all will enjoy it and remember Oscar fondly. Here goes nothing:


A swing so majestic, full of power and might

And a warm, bright smile that could bring the day light

We watched and waited for the day this hero came

With one of his mighty swings, #18 brought rain

It was a sign of great things to come, a great career still ahead

“He’s the next Albert,” that’s what the scouts said

Craig was sent to Boston, to free up room in right

OT could play forever, the future looks so bright

Soon October arrived, like an old friend in the fall

LA crumbled, just like the Berlin Wall

The Giants were next, to the Cards this was a wrench

Especially in game 2, trailing, with OT on the bench

Mike called his number in the 7th, Machi was the foe

Down by a run, could OT become a hero?

A 2-1 splitter was the tool Machi would implore

In one split second we all thought “I’ve seen that swing before”

Like a warrior slashing his sword, perfection in his craft

Sweet music to the ears, the song? Oscar’s bat

The ball a comet, leaving a trail as it passed the wall

OT crossed home and tipped his cap, a Cardinal curtain call

That was the last time Busch would feel the grace of 18

For life can be so cruel, and death’s bite is fierce and mean

October 26th, the fall classic being played

To Cardinal fans, nothing more, than another dreadful day

“There is more to life than baseball” they say to all the kids

There is no harsher reminder than what this tragedy did

The World Series seemed weightless, a petty, small thing

The important matter was a Cardinal, gaining his wings

Taken at 22, so young, and so unfair

The emotion of it all seems just too much to bear

Baseball heaven is blessed, to gain another great

I imagine that bright smile, passing through the pearly gates

Gone, but not forgotten in the hearts of me and you

Take care of DK and Josh, OT, we miss them too

There is no rhyme or reason, no easy rational

Fly high 18, we love you, forever a Cardinal


Oscar Francisco Taveras (1992-2014)

Credit: Cole Claybourn

Credit: Cole Claybourn


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